In Poland

No I didn’t have interent on the plane.  🙂  I just wrote the last post on the plane and then posted it when I got to the hotel.  

God was watching out for me to get me to the hotel.  I did a stupid thing and just got on the bus.  The lady at the information desk at the airport said take bus 175…so I did.  I very quickly realized that the stops had nothing to do with hotels.   It was just a city bus.   And there was no way to know what hotels were at what stop.  Just normal city stops.  I rode for about 10 minutes and the lady in front of me asked if I spoke Polish.  I said no, English.  She turned back around.  🙂

She was lost too.  She went up and asked a young couple where something was and they told her.  So then I though since they had helped her, she might help me!  So I took a chance and asked her, in Russian, if she spoke Russian.  She said no, but that she could understand it.  Not sure how that happens, except that Polish crosses over between 30-50% with Ukrainian.  Anyway, I asked her if she knew where the Holiday Inn Warsaw was.  She said no but maybe that couple would.  

Ugh…  They were going to get irritated at people asking them all these questions I thought.  I went over to them and asked if they spoke Russian.  She answered “a little”  in English.  YES!  They spoke English.  They said they had no idea where it was.  I said thanks and started to walk back to my spot and they said wait.  He pulled out a smart phone and did a quick google search and found it on the map.  They tried to point out where it might be behind some buildings.  But they weren’t exactly sure the directions.  Then they said… you should get off with us because the next stop would be too far.  We were at their stop… so off we went.  They pointed where they thought it was, bid me a good weekend and said good luck.  🙂  What was on the corner where I got off?  A STARBUCKS!!!!!  I was so happy.  I knew that someone in there was bound to speak English and since it might be close to the hotel, they might know where it was.  And, oh yeah, I could get a latte.  🙂  And was it good!  The cashier spoke to me first in English so I instantly relaxed and asked about the hotel.  He said, “Oh yes.  It’s very close.”  He pointed out some buildings it was behind and told me a street name.

So I strolled off with my wonderful latte and went in the general direction where it might be.  I saw the street name and found the hotel.  Phew!  Tomorrow, I have to figure out where to catch the bus back to the airport, but that’s for tomorrow!

If I hadn’t talked to that woman, and then that couple at just that moment, I would have stayed on the bus and wouldn’t have found the hotel.  But as Corrie Ten Boom says, “There are no IFS in God’s Kingdom!”  SO thankful that he watches out for me so closely.  Home tomorrow and Mary flies to Amsterdam.  Pray that she can find a cheaper ticket.  She is trying to find something right now.

Bless the LORD, O my soul. And ALL that is within me bless His holy name!