Home Study Under Way…

Our home study is officially under way.  Our social worker came last night and spent about 2 hours looking over the house, talking to the kids and the parents.  She's a Christian and she "gets" what we're doing but it is hard to put that in words sometimes that immigration will understand and accept.  She did tell us that if we had a social worker who wasn't a Christian and understood what was going on, we'd be hard-pressed to be approved.  I can understand that.  We had a good discussion and she is behind us, thankfully.

Today, our documents go out for background checks and child abuse checks.  We are hoping to get them back quickly.  Thankfully, our fingerprints are still good at USCIS so we won't have to wait on that.  We are really racing the clock to get everything in by February 1.  God is in control though.
We have a friend who's son is an architect school graduate and is an apprentice (or whatever that would be called) and he's coming after New Year's to help us draw up some plans.  We'll go from there.  We are reconsidering re-financing and financing in an addition.  (Where we will put Ruslana is one of the things we discussed at length with the LSW last night).
But again…GOD KNOW'S!
Blessed be the Name of the Lord!