Home Study Submitted to USCIS

We are so happy to report that we got our home study in the mail on Friday afternoon.  We got it notarized and sent off to USCIS on Saturday morning by priority mail so they should have it Monday.  Our next step with them will be to get our fingerprints made and then wait again until all that paperwork is accepted and approved.  Then, it’s off to Ukraine for translation and submission for approval to the Ukrainian government. It’s hard to imagine that this is actually happening!  We had thought that we were not going to be able to have any more children (and isn’t five enough?? Ha…we didn’t think so).  So for God to be doing this, is such an amazing blessing for us!  We pray that it will also be a great blessing to Jonathan and Matthew (Jon & Matty). We still have lots to do to be ready and a good bit of money to earn and raise before we’re really ready to bring them home, but it’s kind of like having a child… can you ever really be ready? The stress of the process and the anticipation and waiting is starting to become apparent, but we are TRUSTING GOD!  He’s completely able to put all the pieces together…so much better than we are.  I suppose it’s kind of like us being pregnant with twins that we know have congenital defects and other health problems.  Only we have such a wide window of when they could come.  We long for the day we will hold them and they will be ours.