We heard from our facilitator today and got our TRAVEL DATE!  We’re going to Ukraine to get our boys!!!

Our date is February 16 so we will be leaving the USA on Friday, February 13 so we can be there and at least partially human by that time.  We are SO EXCITED!
One sadness is that the Loux family will be traveling 2 weeks before us and we won’t all be together there…but we’ll be there for at least 2 weeks together as our trips overlap.
Praise God for everything He has done so far.  Everything isn’t exactly as we had or would plan it, but we TRUST HIS HAND and His plan!  We’re so grateful He has included us in it.  Thank You, God.
Derek and Renee Loux come home tonight (they’re on their way now) so say a quick prayer for them.  They had to leave their boys behind and will go back in a couple of weeks to pick them up.
Our friends the Wayne & Meghan Dickinson are almost through with their dossier so praise God for that!
Our friends John & Tracie Loux are in the final stretch to get ready to go so pray for them for final fund-raising and all the details to work out easily.