God is in charge!

God has amazed us over the past five weeks.  He has brought miraculous events into our lives to remind us that HE is in charge of the adoption.  He has reminded us that all He has asked us to do is OBEY Him and follow step by step…not do it on our own. 

He has brought people alongside of us to help us financially in ways we have never dreamed.  He has impressed people to give money and we don’t even know who they are…it has just appeared on my desk at church.  Every time I start to wonder if He’ll really be able to provide the needs so we can bring our boys home, He does something wonderful an amazing that leaves no doubt that He is in control and He will complete what He has started.   
The incredible thing is that we get to be part of it and experience the blessings.  We are humbled.  We are amazed.  Our God is awesome!