The Final Day

The sounds of the last night of summer are what I hear as I sit here typing this post.  Baths for ALL (usually, we alternate which kids take baths every other night…except the older kids take showers whenever they want, of course).  The little boys are tucked away in bed.  Micah and Matthew go to school for the first time ever tomorrow.  The kids all made their lunches after family devotions.  The supplies have been purchased (oy vay…THAT was expensive) and packed up in new backpacks.

We got home just about 1 hour ago from Texas.  My mom wanted us to come visit before school started because she wanted to get the kids a couple of things before the headed back to school.  Well, come to find out, what she meant was, she wanted to buy the kids everything they could possible need for at least the first 6 months of school (if not the whole year)!  What a blessing.  We had gotten them a few things here and there and they can still wear many of the same things they wore last year (and they will, of course), but frankly, with all the medical bills we have now and the ones that will be coming after the next round of surgeries, there just hasn't been a lot of extra cash laying around.  So this was truly an amazing blessing to us.
They each got at least 2 pairs of shoes, several pairs of pants or shorts each, many shirts each, new underwear, socks, accessories, and lots more.  Again…an incredible blessing.  I don't know why God provides for us the way He does.  We are so unworthy of His blessing yet so grateful.
Tomorrow will be an exciting day for sure!
Blessed be the Name of the Lord!