Family Visits: The Last Day

Mary’s sister, Robin, and our niece, Kathryn, have been visiting since June 22.  Of course when they got here 2 weeks ago it seemed like it would be plenty of time to get everything in…but today has arrived and the time has flown by.

Family visits are great.  Here in Ukraine, it can get a little lonely.  We are grateful to be able to connect through technology, but it’s not the same as being together, in person.

Mary has always been very close to Robin.  They shared a room until Robin got married and moved away so they have always had a special bond.

It’s been wonderful having her and Kathryn here and everyone is a little sad today has come.

Also…it’s July 4th and we usually do something with our “surrogate parents” Gus and Wartha today.  But, we won’t get to do that this year.  So that’s a little sad too.  We may try to buy some fireworks for the kids, but I’m a little leery.  I’m not sure how the neighbors would all feel if we burned down the neighborhood. 

We leave for the airport in about 30 minutes and then will stop by Fozzy to grab a few things and then back home for a quiet afternoon and evening.  Then we are back to Russian lessons tomorrow.   We look forward to family visits in the future.  

[box type=”info”] PRAYER NEEDED: We need a translator for Sunday!! We have been unable to come up with one. Please pray that God will direct us to the right person and quick!<br/>[/box]