(Click on post title to read entire post)  It’s been nearly eight months since Ethan physically came into our lives.  A year ago, we had never seen him.  We had never held his tiny hand.  Never seen him do his funny spider walk.

So much has happened since we brought him home.  He has grown from 16 pounds to 25 1/2 pounds.  He’s turned seven years old (yeah, 25 1/2 pounds is still mighty tiny for a seven year old).  He’s started walking.  He’s stopped biting.  Stopped hitting.  Stopped most of his “nervous” behaviors that he had when we first met him.  He seeks out our affection…and sometimes still finds a corner somewhere to hide from everyone.  He let’s us hold him and loves to snuggle with papa.  He has decided he loves bath time (instead of acting like a cat in water) and at some point realized we weren’t trying to cut off his fingers when we trim his nails.  

At this moment we are sitting in the waiting room at Children’s Hospital for a biopsy to find out if he’s a candidate for the pull-through surgery so he doesn’t have to spend the rest of his life with a colostomy.  We are really wanting to get this taken care of quickly so he’s fully recovered before we move to Ukraine in February.

Ethan has blessed our lives.  Even in the trials…his struggle to survive gives us reason to believe he will continue to thrive and grow and develop.  

Today, as every day, we are Blessing the Name of our Great God.