Enough Adventure for a Week

10:30 p.m.  About to go to sleep.  Please pray for a miracle with some paperwork we need done.  God knows all about the details.  

Tomorrow we are attending a picnic – cookout – at an orphanage in Kyiv.  It’s a privately run orphanage and we are looking forward to spending some time with the kids.  We were there a couple of months ago to visit the kids.  

We are also going to try to find a swing set that we can afford.  The kids live outside in the good weather and we really need something for them to play on.  We are hoping we can find something in our budget.  Things here are so expensive…everything…  Frankly, we don’t know how people survive here and how they clothe and feed themselves sometimes.

We continue to study hard at language and continue to make small steps forward.

We got to our lesson early yesterday and there was another student there that has been studying for over six years.  He spoke quickly and confidently.  Kind of made us feel bad to be honest.  I hope to get to that level one day.  Of course he’s been studying a long time…  The thought of waiting that long to speak so well is a bit frustrating.  That seems like such a long time.  Praying for quicker understanding and ability.  But we shall see…

Thanks for your prayers about our documents.  

Blessed Be the Name of the Lord.