Dinner with George

I had the pleasure of meeting George for dinner last night in Darnitsa.  George was the regional facilitator who assisted us with our adoptions.  We had a delightful time looking at pictures and remembering highlights of the 6 weeks we were her in the winter.

George filled in a few more details that we didn't know…
If you've been a reader throughout our adoptions, you know that we were facing a 5-10 day wait on our boys' passports.  When George visited the birth city to get the boys registration numbers changed (basically a social security number), he was told that he couldn't do it there, but had to do it in Novograd and Romaniv where the boys were living.  He was also told that there were no "old style" passports available so they would have to be sent to Kiev and the waiting periods would apply.  Well…George was unable to get it done for several days (because he couldn't find the right person available to help).  During that time of trying to get it done, he found out that they were supposed to be changed in the birth city (which happened to be the capital of Zhytomyr region).  So it was decided that we would do it the same time we ordered the passports.  Well, when we got to the Zhytomyr after getting the boys out to order the passports, he called a friend who happened to be a lawyer and she assisted him with facts that the old style passports were available.  When he went to passport office, he dropped a few names and was finally told that they did, indeed have the old passports but if he had changed the registration numbers, then we still couldn't have the passports.  Because of God's intervention, he was unable to get the numbers changed so we were able to get old style passports.  In fact, we had them within 1 hour!  Praise God.
The other thing he told me was that the friend that had helped us get the passports refused to take any money or any kind of gift.  She just wanted to help us.  
Praise the God of miracles.
Blessed be the Name of the Lord.