Here it is! Praising God!!

About two weeks ago, I was adding prayer requests to a post and I decided to ask you all to pray that God would privide a larger vehicle because we were not going to have enough room in our one vehicle that we have. I haven’t really made it a matter of prayer myself because it seemed like a selfish thing to pray for. As I typed it, God said not to bother asking others to pray if I wasn’t willing to pray about it. After all, He is my Father and likes me to ask Him for the things I need. It would be like one of my kids asking their friends to ask me if they could have a new pair of shoes because the ones they have have holes in them. Seems silly in that context but that’s what I was doing. So I began to earnestly pray.

About a week later we drove past a new auto auction across the highway from our church and there was this beautiful crimson red van in the lot and Mary wondered aloud if we could ever afford it. I encouraged her to call and just see. Well, they were asking well below the blue book I found out later when I checked it out with the VIN but it was still more than we felt we could do. Actually at that time, it would have been impossible but Mary told him an amount and we didn’t think there was any way they would come down so much. Later that day he called back and said he could do it for the price. Well we didn’t have the money even for the lower price. But the next day as I did a blue book value and a car fax report I was shocked to find out that the price was almost 50% of the blue book price. A while later, the financial assistant came in my office and said that she had good news for me about a love offering. So of course I got excited but was BLOWN AWAY when she told me how much it was. I couldn’t believe it!!! It was given specifically for a vehicle!! See the wonderful gift our Father gave us below.