Life rolls along…

We are still living.  All of us.

Chris has been fighting off (or trying to fight off) the flu or something similar.  It’s been two steps forward, one back…  hopefully tomorrow will be recovery mode only!

We are preparing for Bible Study which starts in about 1 hour.  Tonight’s teaching is on John 6:1-27.  We’ve been teaching from the book of John.   We are taking it in small bites at a time…so sometime in 2016 we will be finished.  Maybe.

Funny story:

We have not gotten ANY mail since our address changed.  I don’t think I ever reported that our address changed when we registered the land and ourselves. It’s a long convoluted story that I won’t bore you with, but it changed.  We knew that some people had sent us cards, but we never saw them.  Jamie had been waiting on some stuff, too.

So today, Mary and Jamie stopped at our little store down the street to buy matches.  Of course, there aren’t a lot of Americans around here…so we kind of stick out.  The lady working in the store asked what our address is.  When Jamie started saying it, the lady finished it and promptly pulled out mail for us from under the counter.  They postman couldn’t find the address (never mind the fact that we have a big, bright yellow sign on our gate with our address on it because we assumed that a new address could throw off the post man since there is no new construction anywhere near).  We asked the clerk to PLEASE tell the postman where the address is.

Strange huh?  Can’t find the address?  Oh, no bother… just leave our mail with the store clerk down the street.  Maybe sometime you can figure out where it goes.  We have also been waiting for a box to be delivered.   Hopefully it didn’t get distributed throughout the neighborhood.

Bless the Lord today.  He is worthy.

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