For I know the plans I have for you, declares the LORD, plans for welfare and not for evil, to give you a future and a hope. Jeremiah 29:11

For most of my life, I thought of this Scripture as a good anecdote to life—specifically about my future.  But now, it’s our lifeline.  Some translations says He gives “plans for good, not for disaster.”  There are times in our lives when we feel like disaster could be just around the next corner, but He says the opposite is true (if we are walking with Him).

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God is always at work around you.

God is always at work around you.  One of my favorite principles from the Henry Blackaby study, “Experiencing God.”  We’ve been through this study several times.   The 4th or 5th time was right before we adopted Matthew and Micah.  When we surrendered to God on a deeper level during that study we had no idea where that would lead us.   We simply put our “yes” on the table…whatever question it would answer.   We put our trust in our Heavenly Father, recognizing that HE knows the whole plan and the whole picture…whereas, we only see dimly and partially.  It was around that time that our lives began to take on a different (and somewhat, dare I say, “weird”) appearance.

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Big Day in Kyiv!

Last night, we got the call we had been waiting for.  We were told to appear at the office that handles Permanent Residency documentation this morning to receive our documents.  We had just been there on Tuesday (3 days ago) because we thought we were going to get the documents then.   But what they really wanted was a couple of more documents and for some fees to be paid.  We were pretty disappointed.   We were there FOREVER…waiting…waiting…waiting…  with a ton of other people.

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One year and counting…

One year ago today we landed in Ukraine — with our 33 suitcase and 20something carry-on bags and 3 strollers (2 double, 1 single) and a carseat and a bunch of other stuff we were carrying.

I can’t believe it’s been a year since we moved here.

I also can’t believe that it’s only been a year.

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